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June 8, 2009

Natural treatment for premature ejaculation using ejaculation trainer

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Well it is a very very common problem. I  am talking about premature ejaculation. It occurs to around 60% individuals but with different severity. To some it is a permanent problem whereas for others, its just a temporary problem.Whatever be the severity, its a very embarassing situation. In order to cure it you have either to take medications or try for natural methods. Medicines always have side effects, but natural methods are difficult to practise. But if you know the correct method to follow these natural techniques like those given in ejaculation trainer , then you may be able to cure premature ejaculation very quickly. This book written by Matt Wutzke is a very scientifically proven product which goes into the roots of the problem and cures it eventually. And you do not even have to take any kind of medications. Thats great! This book has been sold several thousands of copies online and is getting very favourable reviews. It has positively worked for many and hopefully work in your case too!

So what are you looking for go to the exclusive ejaculation trainer review by our in house doctor and learn more about ejaculation trainer.

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June 4, 2009

Should We Rethink About Aspirin?

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Aspirin? – Yes, Do you think you should take to prevent heart attack and stroke, right??
Well……perhaps. A  meta-analysis, done recently  shows that being overzealous about aspirin use for prevention of initial heart attack and stroke may be unsubstantiated.
In this meta analysis, specifically 95,000 subjects were evaluated, producing 1671 vascular events in the aspirin group and 1883 in the control group.

Aspirin was associated with an absolute reduction of 0.06% heart-related events per year. Correspondingly, aspirin did not significantly reduce ischemic stroke risk, but researchers noted a borderline-significant increase in hemorrhagic stroke. Aspirin also increased the incidence of bleeding outside the brain. Overall, aspirin was not associated with a significant reduction in vascular death.

What does this  mean? The advantages of aspirin in low risk patients are scant. As cardiovascular risk factors (like smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of early stroke/heart attack) pile up, aspirin gains a bit more support, though there is a modest associated bleeding risk.
We will be following this data and it’s analysis further. In the meantime, it may be reasonable to discuss things with your doctor, or perhaps cut aspirin dosing to the appropriate lowest dose (81mg in most patients).

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