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November 28, 2009

Real Reason of Stomach Fat

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What’s the REAL reason you or anybody has  excess fat in stomach area?

Is it you simply eat too much? Or is it because you stuff yourself with loads of “junk food”? Or is it something you haven’t considered yet? Something NOT even the so called  “experts” have told you?

The answer can be an eye-opener.

We all know two kinds of people…

1. Those “lucky” individuals who seem to be able to eat anything, non-stop, while remaining skinny.

2. And those “unlucky” who are fat, even though they don’t eat much.

So strangely enough…

While consuming or eating too much junk food are definitely contributing factors, No REAL expert will  say they are the “REAL cause”. They can however come together on one point that there is a great variation in the way the bodies of those people use the food they eat. We are talking about metabolism. And of course, one  must understand this difference if one has  to lose your excess stomach fat. We are talking about expectations and self image.

Our metabolism has a natural variation, fluctuation, circadian rhythm. In different words… it will be fast at certain times and slow at others. (Like the difference between when you run and sleep.

So how to get rid of those flabs. Simple understand how it works, so we can manipulate it. But the problem is to find the program that suits you best.

Pay close attention to the following…

It’s NOT the speed of your metabolism that makes you fat. It’s the efficiency. Efficiency is defined as: Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.

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