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February 8, 2010

Kegel Exercises – Do they work?

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These exercises were developed by Kegel. Hence the name. They have been in use for different purposes. It ranges from tighter pelvic muscles to prevent urinary incontinence in post partum mothers to premature ejaculation.

All in all it is a technique in which the pelvic muscles are exercised. This is technique to have your pelvic muscles tight. This surely helps anorectal diaphragm.

We can safely say due to prevalence of the technique that it should work. But the real question is if it works in reality also? The answer is not pretty straightforward. But an Ebook called Ejaculation Trainer might shade some light on it. So please take a look.

February 7, 2010

Squeeze Exercise for Premature Ejaculation

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Following is an article describing about if the Squeeze Exercise Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation or not.

A couple named Masters and Johnson created the “Squeeze” technique  in the year 1970 .It was part of their research about sexuality.

When you feel yourself getting close to a climax, get your partner to apply the squeeze to the head of your penis using her fingers. Your penis will quickly lose the blood supply to the head and you will start to go limp, thus losing your arousal.

These are the exact words hence I am quoting. I would also like to add that ejaculation trainer, does acknowledge these techniques and utilizes some.

Basically your partner needs to place her index and middle finger together and place them on the top of the head, just above the outlet hole. She should then place the thumb on the underside of the head, right at the edge of the rim.

Very firm pressure then needs to be applied on the head of the penis. It will not hurt so a good deal of pressure will be more effective. It will only take a few seconds for the penis to shrink.

After the squeeze exercise has been completed, resume foreplay again until you become aroused to the point where you can successfully resume penetration again. This exercise can be repeated as many times as you desire.

These technique or exercise has to be repeated in order to get acquainted with it. But as we have discussed it earlier, that it needs a professional approach than a simple blog post. So we do advise to go through Ejaculation Trainer Review to find what this is all about.

Have a good Thank you and Take Care.

February 6, 2010

How to Build a Chicken Coop

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Chicken coops are getting popular day by day,. Chickens are good pets. But if you do not have a proper chicken coop for them, they can be difficult to manage. But for that, one needs to have a properly built Chicekn coop.

Many people do not know how to build one properly. More over there are certain points take into consideration while building one.

These are as follows.

1. Build a Safe Chicken Coop.

This is of very much importance. The house should face sun, so it can remain warm and dry. The coop should be made with proper insulating materials, that should last.

2.Easy maintenance should be possible.

There are many design techniques that optimize a chicken coop to have easy access for feeding and cleaning. While building a chicken coop a well thought design is needed. For which there are many online books available.

We personally believe a video guide is really helpful. To know more about how to build a chicken coop properly you can visit the linked discussion.

3.It should be bright and warm.

It should be well ventilated . Brightness is definitely needed. It should remain sufficiently warm in cold winter.

February 5, 2010

Jelqing To A Bigger Penis

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Earlier we talked about if Jelqing works or not? In this article we are going to walk you through, how to jelq at you home. But before that you should know that it is always advisable to do it under Penis Advantage program, which is a widely acclaimed program for increasing penis size naturally.

First of all find  a comfortable place to sit. Your toilet seat would do. It should be comfortable enough for you to have absolute privacy and will suit you also. To get most  out of it you should do as follows.

Sit to the edge of the toilet seat. Moist warm towel for warming up is a good idea. Wrap penis with a warm moist towel for 5 minutes. Get half erection. Up to this is preliminary of Jelqing. Never skip this part. Or you might hurt yourself.

Apply some baby oil to the shaft. Form an “O” with your index finger and your thumb and try milking it out. Start with one hand, from base to tip, then with other hand from base to shaft.

This particular exercise will create tiny tears in the penile tissue. These  invisible tears cannot be felt in any way. These are microscopic.  Your body will produce more tissue to recover the losses.  Which will make your penis  grow longer and thicker. Basically, this jelqing technique will allow for more blood to flow into the organ. In turn you will get a faster, bigger and longer lasting erection.

But as I have told you earlier Penis Advantage is the way to go for a really expert guidance in this field.

So Best of Luck and Try It.

February 4, 2010

Does Jelqing Work to Increase Size?

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For getting a larger manhood people have tried many techniques apart from pills and extenders. We have already talked about penile surgeries in our earlier posts. But one natural technique is quite prevalent. It is called Jelqing. But the main question always has remained. Does Jelqing works? In this article we are going to tell you exactly about it.

But be aware jelqing is definitely a technique to increase penis size. This is natural and without any surgical tricks. Hence it can be tried in the privacy of one’s own home. The principle is quite simple. Penis is just another tissue in the body. Exercise increases the size of individual cells, which is called hypertrophy. Increase in number of cells is called hyperplasia.

If any tissue of the body is subjected to exercise it is going to respond by the way of either hypertrophy or hyperplasia. In either way it is going to increase the size. This is what happens when a body builder exercises or lifts weights. All the skeletal muscles in the body has the ability to undergo hypertrophy and hyperplasia.

Jelqing is a technique of stretching the 3 muscles in the penis. Penis is a cylindrical organ.  It has 2 corpora cavernosa muscles and one unpaired corpus spongiosum muscles.

Jelqing has its origin in the middle-east. The fact that it has been used since the 5th century B. C. is definitely a marker that the method has survived the test of time and that it is effective.

We will tell you exactly how to do jelqing at your home safely in our next post.  You can learn more tricks and tips about getting a bigger size from penis advantage.

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