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August 11, 2010

10 Myths about Swine Flu

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There are myths floating around world about this epidemic that might as well become the next pandemic. So I thought to compile some of the myths floating around the internet about swine flu. They are as follows.

  1. Pigs need to be avoided
  2. Eating pork can be dangerous
  3. Flu is dangerous just for the elderly
  4. Young, healthy people shouldn’t worry
  5. Face mask offers complete protection
  6. Swine flu cannot recur
  7. Family pets may be at risk, too
  8. Go back to work once you feel better
  9. Swine flu is much worse than seasonal flu
  10. Taking vitamins protects against the flu

Now let’s see what are the truth behind these myths.

  1. Swine flu does not spread from the pigs only. It is contagious in nature and is transmitting from human to human, not from pork to humans.
  2. There is a myth surrounding the swine flu that eating pork can lead to swine flu. However, there is no truth in it. Whenever you eat pork, it should be well cooked and that would kill the virus.
  3. It is a myth that only the elderly people are vulnerable to flu. The fact is that anyone can catch flu, be it young or elderly, including children.
  4. Recent studies have shown that even young and middle aged healthy people can catch the infection. So, everybody needs to be cautious against it.
  5. Face masks do offer some amount of protection against the flu, but they do not offer guaranteed protection. Washing your hands frequently and wearing face masks
  6. After recovering from swine flu once, it does not mean that you won’t get the infection in future. Swine flu virus is notorious for mutating; so a recurrence is possible.
  7. Viruses rarely pass between human beings and cats or dogs.
  8. Both kids and adults who have had suffered from swine flu need to stay at home for at least 24 hours after fever goes away without the use of fever-reducing medicines.
  9. Swine flu doesn’t seem to be more virulent than seasonal flu as symptoms of the disease are largely the same like fever, cough, throat infection etc., but H1N1 is slightly more
  10. While it is important to eat well and healthy, adding vitamins cannot help to strengthen the immunity. More important for the immunity is a sufficient amount of

All of these Myths and their answers are compiled from all over the internet.

Proper education is the biggest weapon any disease or natural calamity.

August 9, 2010

Activated Defensio

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I am growing tired of the comment spams I am getting. This blog is my personal take on the different health conditions and their available treatment options available. I am trying to go real pro on its quality level. We are calling upon different experts as authors to contribute articles for the enrichment of knowledge. We are not there, but surely we are on our way. But this kind of blog attracts a lot of spammers. They want to sell different things. Well I am not against them any way. But if the comment is totally rubbish and outright vulgar, then how can somebody accept it. As all of my readers know that I am not that much software savvy, still I have tried to manually remove the spams. But then it has been becoming a herculean task.

So today I have installed Defensio. I hope it works. It is a plugin. I did not tried Akismet as it says if you are using the blog for professional use then pay. Well I am not against paying,  and Defensio has this option built into too. But in Defensio they are yet to make an announcement and this blog is yet to earn on a professional level.

So bye for now and get going with your healthy habits.

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