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September 6, 2010

4 Easy Steps To Vitality

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By Emma Barrett

By “not feeling tired” you are not only taking care of your organs and cells, but your mind and it’s creative force will expand and put you in the space of feeling in control of your life rather than just being dragged along.

These Four easy “beginner” steps to regain energy and promote vitality will switch your body from struggling to strengthening. Implement them now and you will be amazed at how your body responds.

* Feed your body. Are you giving your body the micro and macro nutrients and minerals it needs? Do you even know what it needs? As an RN I see patients with bags of supplements which is a result of their guesswork. Not only is this dangerous but also an awful waste of money.

Once your little cells have the “fuel” that they need you have the BASICS down. This will get you to healthy, but I am looking for “vibrant health”. Having worked for world class athletes I am seen first hand what it takes to be in amazing shape. Although we don not have the time to spend 8 hours a day working ourselves there are a few secrets you can bring into your life.

* My secret weapon to every day stresses is a good “green drink” I choose a powder which I mix with water or juice and have a couple of glasses a day, especially if I am feeling sluggish or overwhelmed. If the green flavor is a little “scary” for you you can get capsules.

* Next vitality secret is free and abundant. Oxygen. When you wake up, if you can get even a 5 min walk outside, or even 20 jumping jacks, you will get oxygen flowing to your brain, awaken your lymph and boost your mood hormones. I love to get out in nature every day and make this a priority. Start small if this feels out of your realm. Whilst working at your computer take a break every hour and stretch, breathe dance, do whatever it takes to get the oxygen flowing through your body.

* The last secret is not so obvious but as absolutely crucial to regaining energy and vibrancy. Your mind, meaning your thoughts are the key to changing your everyday “thought’ habits. If you keep looking in the mirror and and telling yourself you are tired, fat or whatever, then that is what you will be. This is not rocket science, but it is REAL science. Thoughts are energy and what you think you do create. So as of today start monitoring your thoughts and be kind to yourself. Start reading some inspiration work and limit the amount of negativity you are exposed to {i.e the news}.

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Happy Thought Patterns.

All the best


A note about the author: Emma Starr, an RN of 15 years can be found most mornings out in the deep blue of Maui. Emma has searched the world for the most vibrant place to live and raise her family. Maui was that chosen magical island. Emma has worked with some of the worlds top athletes and is passionate about vibrant health. If your energy is flagging you can call Emma on 808 281 7182 {Emmas personal line} for a free consultation.

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