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October 18, 2011

Best way to cut fat is to build muscle

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Good offense is the best defense. So if you need to decrease that extra weight, go for muscle building or bodybuilding. In that way you will not be fighting  a loosing battle against fat, but will be consciously working towards a better health and a better body. As a men’s magazine we at HealthHunch always like you to be in the best shape. Best physique is a very good asset for men, period. You might want to dismiss it if you are touching forty and have a flat tyre of fat around your waist, but it is not sexy. No sir it is not.

Apart from other health benefits a good toned muscular body gves you self confidence and a sense of heightened masculinity that you might be lacking till now.

So all in all it is essential Males should have a toned body. But as a fat cutter program how much the build muscle dream holds water? In other words, is it an achievable target? Well if you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, then it is not possible, but if you want to have a flat belly with no pot belly, then it is definitely achievable. Just hang in there.

You will need two things.

1. Half an hour each day

2.  Restriction on fattening foods

Thats it.  You might be astonished, but that is what is required. Just do some squats without weights/situps. Say you manage only 25, good. Now do not panic that you just did 25. Now as your lower body has done some exercise, you should loosen up your arms by doing some warm ups. Just do some jumping jacks, say 25 again. Now do push ups. You will find push ups a little bit difficult. Say you manage only 15. Do not get alarmed.

If you have a pull up bar go for 5 pull ups, if you do not have, no problem, just  do some stretching s.

Then the most important part. Repeat this cycle 2-3 times. You will be in sweat, and panting for air. This is good and trust me you will have increased strength for doing more reps and for more sets soon.

Your body will get accustomed. Remember the key Just Do It everyday with a weekly off. webmd has some very good images demonstrating exercise postures, you can follow them too, WebMd.

You will gain muscle mass and you will loose that fat for sure.

So men go get that figure you always wanted

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