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November 28, 2012

P90X Plus good one or not?

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Strictly speaking has one of the best trainer named Tony Horton.

In case you do not knoe, Tony is the person who made the very popular P90X exercise program. This programme is very popular, just search in youtube videos for P90X  Transformations. You can see that it actually produces results. Now the same team has come up with the next level in the P90X program called P90X Plus. This is said to have more exercise videos.

Well what does it has to do with fitness. Well everything. Being sexy is every young man/ woman’s dream. So you can be too the next ab sensation out there. So go for the program and I am sure you can be as fit as you think.

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Drug Abuse – Common Causes

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By Charlene Sampilo

1. Drug abuse can cause disease of the brain. Continuous usage brings changes in the brain chemistry that results in a change of behavior. It alters the area of the brain responsible for self control, judgment, motivation, memory and learning. Thus, a person when high in drugs, is usually out of control. Emotions are like a roller coaster ride that can have an effect of extreme behavioral moods. Take a marijuana user for example. When he is “high”, it can cause extremes of either crying or laughter.

2. One major reason for a person to go into drug usage is to “escape reality”. Realities in life in the form of physical or emotional discomfort brought about by problems or series of negative crises in life can cause a person to go into depression.

Depression comes before addiction. Just the way a person thinks can send them into depression especially if he has a negative self image; he has a feeling of helplessness and uselessness or depression may even be hereditary. Escaping to the “feel better” effect of drugs, the person becomes dependent upon those drugs due to the temporary relief that it brings. After the effect, problems come to the surface again, since drugs do not solve the initial problems the drugs hide.

3. Aside from the behavioral consequences of taking drugs, there is a major effect in a person’s physical bodily health as well. Physiological effects found in the early stages of drug addiction have shown irregular breathing and/or increase in heart rate and blood pressure. There is a noticeable weight gain or weight loss too. But the long term effects of taking drugs is more serious. It may be unintended but drug abuse can lead to overdose, HIV/AIDS, stroke, cardiovascular disease and other related illness.

4. As thoughts of an addict become irrational, fear, anxiety and negative acts can fill the mind of the person. This often leads him to do things without thinking. Thus, there are so many incidents of suicide due to the influence of drugs.

Finally, drug addiction can cause the person to lose everything and everyone in the life of the addict. If you have someone in the family or friend that you suspect is into drugs, seek help as soon as possible. Everyone can help in the fight against “War on Drugs” especially within the family. It is important that children at a young age should feel security, love and acceptance at the same time encouragement to be active in sports or other community activities. Little by little everyone can do their share in helping fight drug abuse.

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