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Now Learn How I EASILY Built A Beutiful And Cheap Chicken Coop From Common Inexpensive Materials !

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Hello there, Dave here. If you are not among my regular subscribers, let me very let me tell you a little about myself ...and then I'll show you how I managed to build my own beautiful chicken coop easily using a new video guide which is called "Make Your Own Chicken Coop"....


my own chicken coop



This is the picture of Chicken Coop I built myself in my backyard in just 4 days very easily using the "Make Your Own Chicken Coop" video guide.

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I had always thought to hatch chickens of my own and eat eggs for free.Nothing criminal there. So last month I bought 2 hens and 1 rooster. I used to keep them in the basement room at night. In morning time, I left them open in my backyard. However I didn't know there could be so much problem with just 3 chickens!

Within a few days there was chicken shit all over my house and finding the laid eggs was like hunting for some hidden treasure. Sometimes they were laid under my bed, under some bush and sometimes even in my neighborhood's bush! If you thought that was bad then there was this threat from the cat of our neighbor who was so eager to eat my chickens..

I thought a lot. Then I decided to get an apartment for my little poultry. I thought of buying pre-made chicken coops. But I was shocked to see their atrocious prices. Any small sized coop is around $500. So much? I was not going to spend so much just for the sake of having free eggs! Neither should any one.

So I decided to get my hands dirty. It was dirty anyways. Be it chicken shit or this "build my own chicken coop" shit. I searched the net and bought some guides on "Chicken Coop Building" . I was not at all happy with my do it yourself guide simply because that book had so muc complicated designs. That is what I thought real shit. The second guide had a nice coop plan. The design cost was estimated near 600 bucks. So what good it was to me? But I am no chicken, I thought and with some anger, I bought 2 different guides this time. One of them was the ChickenKit guide. It was of good quality and the coop design cost was also within my budget too. The other guide "MakeYourOwnChickenCoop" guide was even better!

I Purchased 4 Guides...But You Don't have to!...Here's what I learned...

Altogether I built two different coops using both these guides. Nothing was waste. I have more chickens now. However the effort taken to build these coops using each guide was not the same! I found MakeYourOwnChickenCoop guide which comes with video instructions to be much easier than the other guide.
Here's an overview of both Guides... Do not forget to read my conclusion at the end...

Make Your Own Chicken Coop

own chicken coop
Overall Rating

Ease Of Use

This was no doubt the simplest guide to follow. It came with full video tutorials on creating small to midrange chicken coops.The coop design is shown in 3-dimensional graphics video, so it was very easy to grasp the architecture of coop-plan.Mental picture is hard to put to ground. And since it was a video guide, all the instructional steps were self-explainable and easily remembered.

Although this guide claims you can build a coop within 3 days, it took me around 4 days to build mine. The coop design shown in this guide was very simple so that every common man like you and me can follow it. Earlier I used to think that simple plans make ugly coops. But with this guide although the plan was simple, still the coop actually looked quite professional.

I had to spend approximately $100 for the raw materials to build my coop. It was way cheaper than I had thought. And all of the materials required was readily available in the market. So I didn't had to waste much time searching for them!

Also I didn't had to use any fancy gadgets in the process. So my first coop was built very smoothly with the help of Make Your Own Chicken Coop.

As a whole 'MakeYourOwnChickenCoop' is a great book for beginners and pros alike... the best out of the 4 guide books I bought and tested so and I recommend it too.

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...and you can see my conclusions below...

Overall Rating

Ease Of Use


It was the only other guide which I think is worth comparing with the guide. However the cost of this guide is a bit higher.Not comforting for the buyer, but might be more comfortable for the chickens, I thought, he, he.

This guide is a simple plain ebook and you have to take printouts of the designs before you start building. There are lot of pictures in this guide. However the design plans are slightly more complicated than Afterall they have to be 3D so anyone can easily understand them.Those who are not very good with reading architectural designs might find it little problematic. Since the designs are in 2-dimension, you might not be able to exactly replicate them as shown in this guide pictures.

I used this guide to build a chicken coop for one of my friends.But ultimately used myself as my chicken number grew.I should be eating them instead of getting only the eggs, ha ha ha.This also too took me about 4 days to complete. The cost of raw materials using this guide was around $80. Although this coop did cost less, but the design was just not so professional. Lack of video support just kills this book product.

In first look it would appear that building a coop as per this plan is easy. You can think, that with pictures you can do it. But these are complicated.But once you see it in a video it is very easy. And video is not there.Considering the difficulty level, I don't think everyone will be able to build them so easily unless you are an old hand at do it yourselve kind of stuff & got some prior experience!

The ChickenKit guide does work but I'd advise you to read my conclusion below before taking any action.

The Conclusion...?

Well, after not so many deliberations, my conclusion is this: If you are a newbie and don't have much experience in building coops, then MakeYourOwnChickenCoop is certainly the one to go with. As this guide comes with video tutorials, there will absolutely be no room for making mistakes during the coop building process!

Don't get me wrong, the ChickenKit guide also works and if you put some extra efforts, then building a coop will not be so difficult.....although I do think the reason why I personally was able to build the other coop using ChickenKit was due to prior experience gained through building my first coop using MakeYourOwnChickenCoop. You may not do?

So my friend...if you want to build professional looking chicken coops easily, then go ahead.. Click Here - Check Out "MakeYourOwnChickenCoop" Video Guide - Click Here