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April 17, 2013

Do you have Tinnitus

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Tinnitus is a sense of ringing in your ear. Only the patient suffering it can hear it. It causes a lot of concern as no other person can hear the same.

If you have not experienced  tinnitus yourself, then it is difficult to understand. This is a quite common condition.

If you can identify the reason for having tinnitus symptoms, then you will be able to treat the condition successfully. If there is no reason, then the next step would be to begin treating the symptoms. A number of people suffer from tinnitus every single day. Let’s explore some of these symptoms.

A lot of times anxiety and/or stress are considered as the causes of many illnesses

Some food items  might worsen your tinnitus like salt, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.

Your tinnitus can be either bilateral – in both ears – or unilateral – in only one ear. You will find that this is more common in the left ear than the right ear. As with bilateral tinnitus, there can be a variety of causes of unilateral tinnitus.

Ear wax buildup in one of your ears can easily cause tinnitus symptoms. Ear infections have been known to trigger tinnitus symptoms. Then, unfortunately, the antibiotics your doctor prescribes can just make the tinnitus symptoms worse. Sometimes the side effects of certain prescription medications can include tinnitus symptoms. Read the documentation that comes with your prescriptions or have a chat with your pharmacist.

Pulsatile tinnitus is a sound heard in the ears that beats in rhythm with your pulse or heartbeat. Visiting your doctor is a must if you get this type of tinnitus, as it can cause some serious problems like hypertension. To discover the cause of the pulsatile tinnitus people will normally have to have some sort of medical imaging done, like ultrasound. There can be many causes of this type of tinnitus, from infections in the ear to tumors. Since this specific kind of tinnitus is usually an objective problem, a cause behind it can be found most of the time.

At times doctors may be a little bit stumped by the condition, even though the sufferer is very obvious to the symptoms. The only thing you can do is try and lessen the symptoms of tinnitus, unless there’s a specific disorder causing it. Now that more people will be better educated about tinnitus, hopefully they will tell their doctor if they hear any odd noises in their ears.

While it is true that you cannot find any magical cure for tinnitus, there are several great guides that can reveal to you the best methods to cope with this situation.

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