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October 18, 2011

Best way to cut fat is to build muscle

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Good offense is the best defense. So if you need to decrease that extra weight, go for muscle building or bodybuilding. In that way you will not be fighting  a loosing battle against fat, but will be consciously working towards a better health and a better body. As a men’s magazine we at HealthHunch always like you to be in the best shape. Best physique is a very good asset for men, period. You might want to dismiss it if you are touching forty and have a flat tyre of fat around your waist, but it is not sexy. No sir it is not.

Apart from other health benefits a good toned muscular body gves you self confidence and a sense of heightened masculinity that you might be lacking till now.

So all in all it is essential Males should have a toned body. But as a fat cutter program how much the build muscle dream holds water? In other words, is it an achievable target? Well if you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, then it is not possible, but if you want to have a flat belly with no pot belly, then it is definitely achievable. Just hang in there.

You will need two things.

1. Half an hour each day

2.  Restriction on fattening foods

Thats it.  You might be astonished, but that is what is required. Just do some squats without weights/situps. Say you manage only 25, good. Now do not panic that you just did 25. Now as your lower body has done some exercise, you should loosen up your arms by doing some warm ups. Just do some jumping jacks, say 25 again. Now do push ups. You will find push ups a little bit difficult. Say you manage only 15. Do not get alarmed.

If you have a pull up bar go for 5 pull ups, if you do not have, no problem, just  do some stretching s.

Then the most important part. Repeat this cycle 2-3 times. You will be in sweat, and panting for air. This is good and trust me you will have increased strength for doing more reps and for more sets soon.

Your body will get accustomed. Remember the key Just Do It everyday with a weekly off. webmd has some very good images demonstrating exercise postures, you can follow them too, WebMd.

You will gain muscle mass and you will loose that fat for sure.

So men go get that figure you always wanted

January 9, 2011

4 Step Formula For Weight Loss, Weight Loss that works and Lasts

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The 4 Step Formula for weight loss is a revolutionary weight loss technique that works for both men and women of any age. The results that people are getting are just amazing. The best reason for motivation for the people enrolling is the fact that the author Kyle himself has undergone this program. And in just 45 days transformed himself. the internet is in full  praise of Kyle Kassey. The program works no doubt in that.
Being at a health magazine ourselves we know how to spot the good from the evil. So when Kyle K. tells the number one reason of weight gain is a hormone called insulin we know he knows what he is doing. I mean we have seen many and I mean literally many health products over the year, but nobody tells you upfront the REAL Basis of weight management in human body. So we were interested.

Kyle is giving away 3 important videos about the reason and prevention of weight gain for FREE. I do not know how long is he going to give them away for free. Because we here at HealthHunch.Com know people who had charged upto $99 for giving away those principles in bulky books.

So we delve around a little more. We purchased the main program at $46, which is quite a deal as it contains THE 4 STEPS of weight Loss. Yeah 4 components of weight loss and fitness,
1- motivation,
2- nutrition,
3- exercise,
4- and maintenance to transform your body in a short time.
But let me tell you one secret thing, if you go to 4Stepformula.Info page you will get everything what is in the book for FREE. Because the guy over there is our Guy. As we are an established Health Magazine we can not give everything away. But if you want to really learn about how this program has worked for many then head over to 4 Step formula for weight Loss.

Or may be you  want to buy that product, anyway go to 4stepformula. com.

April 1, 2010

Truth About Six Pack Abs Exercises Free – Review Does It Work?

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Rating: 4 Out Of 5

Website: Truth About Six Pack Abs

Reviewer: Ethan Flynn

The first time I saw the title  online, I thought it’s another  gimmick everyone wants to talk about. But upon going through the sales page, something seemed unique about Mike Geary and his Truth About Six Pack Abs.

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Suddenly, I read several reviews on the internet  and learned that the Truth About Six Pack Abs e book is the health nutritional bible that combines the solid facts and the proper exercises that  results in an excellent physique with visible six pack abs that everyone is jealous of.

I also found out Mike Geary has structured the sets of nutritional facts in a straightforward matter-of-fact approach. The sets of information won’t bore you and these are written in a friendly style. He’s  not only concerned about the body system or the intensity of science and medicine but he stresses the importance of the psychological methodology.
Who will benefit the most?

You want to know the truth? The Truth About Six Pack Abs review has the answers. No need to doubt, this 149-page e Book is for everyone who seeks for a change. Whether you’re male, female, adult, or teen, Mike Geary gives you the best and truthful six pack program you’ve spent ages looking for. Stop making excuses and move on now. Today is the time to get rid of that unwanted flab, and get ripped.
The Good

While reading the Truth About Six Pack Abs e Book, I am greatly impressed with the sequence of facts. The timing, the placement and the use of vocabulary are in perfect order. Like I said earlier, it took years before Mike Geary completed the e Book.

I can’t deny I was glued to it just by scanning the first few chapters, and suddenly I found myself reading the succeeding chapters word-for-word. Each page of the Truth About Six Pack Abs e Book has a link pointing to the author’s site. I clicked the link and decided to sign up for free newsletters.

Thankfully, food, bodybuilding supplements, and expensive workout equipment are not included in the e Book. The only equipment I see is free weights, barbells and some cable wires.

There’s also full-color pictures (demonstrated by real humans, not caricatures or drawings) included in each training section. Just by following the steps and looking at the images, you’re giving your routine an advantage.

I almost forgot to mention the bonuses you can get with your purchase. And hey, there are SEVEN of them. They are mostly formatted in the e Book and it talks about full body stretching routine, more effective tips to lose weight, smoothies you need drink and stair exercises you need to perform for healthy living, along with the 8-week dumbbell bodyweight fusion fat loss program. You can also take advantage of Global Health & Fitness Membership.

The trial period lasts for 21 days with an affordable trial offer of $4.95. Your $35 remainder is due to be paid after the trial period. And folks, this is only a once-in-a-lifetime fee, so there’s nothing else to worry about.

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The Bad

The only downfall with Truth About Six Pack Abs is the overwhelming amount of facts and at some points of my reading, I had to slow down. I became frustrated and after a moment or so, I decided to print the entire e Book. Now, every time I stumble upon a powerful statement, I highlight it. I also put some colored bookmarks in chapters I need to read on a regular basis. The purpose of this technique is for easier and faster recall. Reading e Books for longer hours also produces eye-strain, so I’m glad I printed the e Book in its entirety.

The other downfall I notice is the absence of table contents at the first few pages. Has Mike Geary forgotten about it? The role of the table of contents is so that you can immediately tell what specific page you need to revisit, but without one, there’s a little difficulty maneuvering the sections.
What Others Seem to be Saying about Truth About Six Pack Abs…

“Excellent in depth coverage of different free weights (dumbbells, barbells) exercises for beginner and intermediate levels. Loads of information on what to eat and what not to eat when you are targeting a lean body. It’s not the regular crap you get from fad diets.” (Customer at Amazon)

“The Truth about Six Pack Abs’ stands out in this maze of weight loss programs due to a number of reviews I found about it.” (Misomit on Hub pages)

“I started your workouts last week, and surprisingly, I can already see some positive changes to my body! I definitely feel these working me better than anything else I’ve tried. I really like the interesting way that you turn a weights workout into a cardio workout as well. I can see already that if I keep on doing this progressively, I’ll surely have my old body shape back in no time ” (Ellin Hazrin)

“I have been on your Truth about Six Pack Abs program for 7 weeks now and I’ve successfully dropped 20 pounds of body fat so far! My workout and eating habits have improved greatly based on your advice in the book and email newsletters. I feel like a new man! Thank you for everything.” (Matt Rosenow)

Click Here for More Customer Reviews…

Bottom Line is…

I know your excuses. Reading books or e Books can be boring sometimes. Remember that when you take it two to three chapters at a time, it can be worth the price. Take note of the word I have used, it’s can, not should, not is, it’s can. It means you have the ability and the choice to read and finish this e Book. If others can do the same thing, why not you?

If I give an objective rating with 5 as the highest, the Truth About Six Pack Abs e Book is a 4.5. The absence of table contents didn’t bother me much, because I posted several bookmarks with a note on the side so that I won’t get lost. The remaining one point rests on you, folks. If your only goal is to only read the Truth About Six Pack Abs to satisfy your ego and not doing anything, the mighty power of this e Book remains futile but if you consistently follow the guidelines and recommendations then that’s success.

You Know You Need to get that Extra Fat out of Your Body. If You Think You Can Then You Can Definitely Do It So Go Grab Your Dream & Get Six Pack Ab Now!

February 8, 2010

Kegel Exercises – Do they work?

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These exercises were developed by Kegel. Hence the name. They have been in use for different purposes. It ranges from tighter pelvic muscles to prevent urinary incontinence in post partum mothers to premature ejaculation.

All in all it is a technique in which the pelvic muscles are exercised. This is technique to have your pelvic muscles tight. This surely helps anorectal diaphragm.

We can safely say due to prevalence of the technique that it should work. But the real question is if it works in reality also? The answer is not pretty straightforward. But an Ebook called Ejaculation Trainer might shade some light on it. So please take a look.

February 7, 2010

Squeeze Exercise for Premature Ejaculation

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Following is an article describing about if the Squeeze Exercise Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation or not.

A couple named Masters and Johnson created the “Squeeze” technique  in the year 1970 .It was part of their research about sexuality.

When you feel yourself getting close to a climax, get your partner to apply the squeeze to the head of your penis using her fingers. Your penis will quickly lose the blood supply to the head and you will start to go limp, thus losing your arousal.

These are the exact words hence I am quoting. I would also like to add that ejaculation trainer, does acknowledge these techniques and utilizes some.

Basically your partner needs to place her index and middle finger together and place them on the top of the head, just above the outlet hole. She should then place the thumb on the underside of the head, right at the edge of the rim.

Very firm pressure then needs to be applied on the head of the penis. It will not hurt so a good deal of pressure will be more effective. It will only take a few seconds for the penis to shrink.

After the squeeze exercise has been completed, resume foreplay again until you become aroused to the point where you can successfully resume penetration again. This exercise can be repeated as many times as you desire.

These technique or exercise has to be repeated in order to get acquainted with it. But as we have discussed it earlier, that it needs a professional approach than a simple blog post. So we do advise to go through Ejaculation Trainer Review to find what this is all about.

Have a good Thank you and Take Care.

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