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March 11, 2009

Few tips on anorexia treatment

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Before starting,let me first ask you a question.

Are you really concerned about curing your beloved ones from anorexia,but do not know what to do and where to go? I will therefore suggest not to lose hope. There are treatments available, but it becomes easier if the victim herself  searches for methods on how to cure anorexia. Most of the time, the individual having this eating disorder  denies that she is suffering from any ailment. The victims of anorexia are perpetually in a starving mode as they are obsessed with their body weight.The victims of anorexia look very thin,their skeleton may be showing through,but they think that they are putting on fat.The anorexic person has a massive fear of becoming fat and to avoid it, she may go to any extent. This could start from doing excessive exercise, dieting, or abusing laxatives. Their main aim is to avoid the intake of food. They cannot concentrate on anything else as most of their time is spent on thinking about how much they should eat or what it should be so as not to put on weight.

Psychotherapy or psychological counseling  combined with medical and nutritional support and guidance appears to be the most effective way of treating anorexia. The treatment  may vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of the disorder.Psychological counseling should address both the eating disorder symptoms as well as the underlying psychological, interpersonal and cultural forces that contributed to the eating disorder in the first place. The individual suffering from anorexia should be helped to learn how to live peacefully and healthily with themselves and food.Therefore, most of  the time, family therapy play a vital role. The immediate family members, spouse or the parent can help the individual suffering from this eating disorder, see that their body shape and weight are perfectly normal and they are valued for what they are. And that they need not lose weight dangerously to garner respect or loved from their near ones.Care should be provided and requires a proper coordination with a professional who has expertise and experience in dealing with eating disorders. An adequate monitoring is a must by the trained professionals for an effective treatment of anorexia, as victims of this eating disorder are subjected to various physical and medical concerns.

These are very simple steps to follow,yet very critical, and when followed sincerely can help the anorexia patients.

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