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January 29, 2010

Insomnia In Early Pregnancy

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In our previous discussion about pregnancy we dealt about certain signs and symptoms of pregnancy. In this article we are going to learn and discuss about insomnia in early pregnancy times.

It is quite a normal incidence. It is quite bothersome for the early expectant mother, but to know how to get rid of it we have to learn the causes of it.

1.Frequent urge of urination

This is well known fact that due to increase in the size of the uterus the bladder gets compressed. Hence the capacity of the bladder gets quite small. Hence the frequency of urination increases.

This typically happens in the first trimester. Which is about 10 weeks after fertilization and around 12 weeks after last menstrual period. After 12 weeks of last menstrual period the enlarging uterus becomes a  pelvic organ and this urge and increase in frequency stops. The enlarging uterus is not problem any more. The fundal or upper part of uterus grows more hence bulk of the uterus goes towards the belly button.

Solution: Non actually. It will go after 12 weeks.

2.Constipation and Heart burn.

Digestive system slows down. Food remains for a longer period in the stomach hence reflux occurs which leads to heart burn.

Solution : Eat small meals frequently. Take antacids after consulting your physician.

The list is long. But I had to cut short.

Take Care.

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