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March 1, 2009

Is anorexia curable?

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Is it possible to cure?

The question is tough as the origin of the  disorder centers in the way a person thinks, much like drug and alcohol addiction, and we never fully remove the part of our brain that causes our addictive thoughts.What might happen is that a person,  suffering from anorexia, can identify the origins as to where the thoughts of warped self-body image began, and can work on the root causes for those thoughts.|The mind can be retrained in various ways to think, which can result in an alleviation of the disorder, but I would hesitate a bit to say that there is a way one can completely cure anorexia.

Even in today’s highly advanced technological times, there are no medications that one can take to relieve them of compulsive behaviors. There are no magic potions or any amounts of shock therapy that will rid someone of this disorder until they  choose  to do so.If the question were more along the lines of, can you cure anorexia for someone else? The answer would be a definite, no. But the fact that there is hope for the person with anorexia to stop their destructive behaviors is a ray of hope.The most cumbersome part about dealing with the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, is that when someone is engaged in the self-destructive behaviors of the disorder, they are often in complete denial of their behavior. Again, because this disorder has its origin in the mind, it is often very difficult for the sufferer to be shown the reality of their choices.More often than not, people with anorexia do not see themselves as thin, even if their skeleton is visible just below the skin. Because  this disorder originates, in the mind, the mind can play very powerful tricks on itself and can convince the sufferer that what they see in the mirror is not what is actually in their view. So, if you are trying to find a cure for anorexia for someone else, it will be nearly impossible to find one.But be hopeful , because if  the anorexic persons  are themselves searching for a cure, then there are definite places to go. It is best to always keep in mind that unless there is a total lobotomy and the sick thinking mind is removed, the part that makes the person think like an anorexic is still remains.

The anorexics can be cured, if the part of their mind which tells them to live like anorexics is shown a healthy way.

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