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March 8, 2009

Must know about anorexia

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As I have already mentioned previously that the eating disorder anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder affecting many people,and many of them remain undetected, now I will tell you few facts about it,which all of us need to know.Early diagnosis and treatment increases recovery rates dramatically and knowing how to recognize signs and symptoms of anorexia assists all concerned to combat the condition effectively.

Facts about anorexia are:

*  Hispanic and Caucasian females show a greater prevalence of the disorder as compared to Asian and Black females. |

* Females between the age group 15 and 23 are more frequently affected by the disorder (alarming statistics show that a younger age group is emerging). Studies show that 1% of females from teenagers to early 20s develop anorexia nervosa,and as result of complications between 10% and 15% anorexia cases die . An estimated 4 people out of every 10 with anorexia will make a full recovery.

*  Anorexic patients weigh at least 15% below what is normal for their height (sometimes a higher percentage).

* Slower heart rates, lower blood pressure and body temperature as well as electrolyte imbalances are common among anorexics.

*Anorexics have a diet lacking in essential minerals and vitamins and as a result  may have hair growth which is soft and downy (called lanugo) on various body areas and arms.

* Menstrual irregularities may be found in women suffering from anorexia.

* Male anorexics are frequently misdiagnosed eventhough they do occur.

* Anorexia sufferers have fear of gaining weight and becoming fat and as a result restrict their diet a lot. Even when drastically thin these people see distorted self images in a mirror, usually seeing a heavy body.

* Tooth enamel erosion and increased cavities are quite frequent among these people.

* You may have kidney failure or kidney infections.

* Around fifty percent of these people may suffer from osteoporosis (bone thinning).

* Anorexics have shrinkage of stomach as a result of which they feel bloated even after taking a small meal.

* Anorexics often avoid social gatherings because of possibly having to face a situation where they must eat.

* Anorexics have a low body weight as a result they frequently display intolerance to cold temperature.

* Younger anorexics have  short stature as they may experience slow growth rate .

* Severe anorexia cases may require hospitalization.

* They may suffer from severe depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder for which medication may be required,thus giving rise to psychiatric complications.

* Proper and appropriate medical treatment that involves coordination among psychiatric professionals, physicians, family and friends plays a critical part in achieving successful recovery of people diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.Research suggests that genetics could play a part in the development of anorexia nervosa and that particular genetic components can make women or men more prone to use it to control stressful situations and to cope with the pressure of perfectionism.Psychiatric treatment helps a lot.

Hope this much information will help you.

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