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March 25, 2009

Simple Ways to Deal With Emotional Eating

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Are you one of those who are eating because they are bored, depressed or stressed ? Then you are binge eating, engaging in emotional eating.                                                                                                                                                                          Why is it important to stop emotional eating?                                                                                                                                                    The number one reason why you must stop emotional eating is that it leads to weight gain overtime. A binge can last for short as hours, days or even as long as weeks and months at a time. Binge eating is not good for any one who has lost weight and trying to maintain their current weight or those who are still trying to lose weight. This article will help you know how to stop binge eating.|

The first most important thing to do if you must stop binge eating is to get rid of unhealthy junks from your home. One thing you should know is that there is no way you can eat those unhealthy junks if you don’t have them handy therefore fill your home with healthy and nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables. But if you are one of those who are depressed and find solution to depression through binge eating, then eat healthy foods only in order to avoid gain more unwanted extra pounds.

Another way to stop emotional eating is keeping all foods in the kitchen and out of sight. The point is, the more you see foods, the more likely you are to feel hungry. Many people binge eat mainly because they don’t pay close attention to know when they are truly hungry or not. Many people who find fun in keeping a bag of chips on their laps or close by while eating will find out that before they know it, the whole bag is gone. The simple reason is that their mind was occupied by the television program which is why it is very important to always keep all foods out of reach if you must stop emotional eating.|

Another powerful way to stop emotional eating is drinking more water. It is important that you drink between 8-12 glasses of water daily. Drinking say 10 glasses of water daily will help fill you stomach and also help you deal with false hunger – which leads to binge eating. You don’t have to drink 8-12 glasses at once, just spread it throughout the day. Drink more plenty of water between and after meals. One thing you should take note of is that you can not replace water with soda, water is got to be water. Drink water only and not soda.|Boredom or depression leads to binge eating. My suggestion is, whenever you find yourself idle and suddenly feel hungry ( false hunger), find something to get yourself busy and before you know it the false hunger will disappear thereby saving you from binge eating. You can walk out with a friend, play games or read – point is, get busy and the false hunger will disappear.|If you are one of those who find themselves in stressed or emotional state, then find something better and healthier than eating to deal with your pain. You may also talk to a counselor in order to identify the main problem and design a way to solve the problem. Binge eating anytime you are stressed or emotionally disturbed, then you are forming an habit that will at the end become more deadly than you can ever imagine. Don’t be one of those who whenever they find themselves binge eating tell themselves, I will stop binge eating when I am no longer stressed or emotional.|

People who binge are those who lack self control – do you have to be one of them? Always know that it is only you and you alone that can tell yourself to eat and it is also you and you alone that can stop yourself from binge eating. If you are seriously concerning about putting your weight under control then you must develop a serious mindset, a will power to stop binge eating.

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