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February 3, 2010

Tips on Buying Freshwater Aquarium Tanks

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Fish tank is obviously the next must have thing when you are into freshwater aquarium keeping type of hobby. You might think of having a lot of things in mind but remember to be resourceful when buying for first aquarium tank. Freshwater aquarium fish tank can come in a wide array of choices, size and shapes. Prices of aquarium tank vary according to its general specifications. Which would you like to prefer? There must be somebody who can guide you how to properly select your fish tank especially when you are still very new in this kind of hobby. Try to ask help from some of those you knew who purchased fish tank before so that you can have an over all idea what it takes to buy one. For you to get started and give you some idea here are some of the basic information to guide you.

Choice of Size

Generally speaking big size means big investment and many hobbyist strongly suggest of using a large fish tank especially if you just starting to have one. More materials needed to assemble a large tank, more labor cost and overhead also is invested to make a large fish tank consequently bigger tank is more expensive than the smaller ones.

Recycle old reusable tanks

Since it you knew already that brand new larger tanks are more expensive it is then wiser to become resourceful this time. To become resourceful is to look for an old tank that can be reuse in good condition. Good idea also to ask help from friends and hobbyists who has idle tanks in their storage area. You may even drop by at a local aquarium shop and inquire if there are second hand fish tank for sale. Normally second hand types are cheaper in prize with identical features from the new ones. Ask for referrals to people you know who has fresh water aquarium and is not interested of doing the hobby anymore they might be interested of selling their fish tank to you at a lower cost. In these ways you can save money utilizing old tanks than buying new tank.

Beware of Thin Tanks

A larger tank can give you much advantage when you are just starting to have your own aquarium tank but always check on its quality as to the kind of material composition, thickness and the general look. There are tanks that look sturdy and yet they tend to break easily because the tank is thin in reality. Though this is not happening always but just be careful all the time. Always do spot check on the item before purchasing it. Brittle tank poses danger to your aquarium you’ll never know when it cracks unknowingly fish will come out and will eventually die. So never let this happen to your aquarium.

More Expensive Means Quality Material

Though there are fish tank that are more expensive than the rest but have you wondered why it is expensive? Take a look at its features and width and its total composition. Most expensive tanks are those acrylic types, durability wise it’s tough and sturdy and won’t easily break in comparing to glass tanks which are susceptible to breakage easily. Large acrylic tank is the best type of fish tank a neophyte hobbyist should have. Look for quality not just consider the price alone because a quality fish tank can last for a long time thereby still giving you much advantage as to buying cheaper kind every 3 months or so. Therefore make a wise decision in very opportunity moment especially when you buy any aquarium accessories.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I bought an acrylic tank for my house. I believe the investment has been worth it.nn1nn1

    Comment by James — February 3, 2010 @ 11:27 am

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