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March 22, 2009

Top tips on trating anorexia

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Eating disorders have become quite

common now-a-days.Reasons for it are very

numerous. The disease shows a greater

prevalence among girls than boys and

mostly teenagers.
When we say that the person is

suffering from ailment “anorexia’ it

actually is that she is suffering from

anorexia nervosa. These persons have lost

their appetite for some psychological

reasons.Although in true sense this is

not the fact because they are hungry.

Instead, they try to control their hunger

by sheer will power.The person suffering

from anorexia will show extreme

weightloss as they restrict their diet.

Laxative abuse is also very common and by

doing excessive exercise to try to lose

weight they become more sick.The most

dangerous part for people suffering from

this condition is that in spite of

extreme weight loss, they are terrified

of becoming fat or gaining weight even

though it might be their normal body

TheĀ  eating disorders commonly

develop partly due to some difficult life

experiences which may be some kind of

abuse during childhood or fear or social

pressures arising in puberty and in

growing up.Sometimes genetic factors too

play a vital role in acquiring this

condition. If someone in the family like

the mother or any cousinĀ  is suffering

from anorexia then there is a chance that

the person may acquire it.A doctor plays

a very important role to diagnose the

illness and any other symptoms associated

with it. But as this ailment is basically

a psychological matter, mental health

professionals need to be consulted.

Persons suffering from anorexia may also

have to be admitted to the hospitals to

help him/her regain the weight which

he/she may have lost.Psychological and

psychotherapy skills too are necessary

for helping people suffering from this

condition.One has to understand the root

cause of the illness and then only can

help be provided to the person

concerned.The persons with anorexia

should be help to change their attitude,

ways of thinking and behavior that will

enable them to cope up with life’s stress

without the illness as shield.

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