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February 4, 2010

Does Jelqing Work to Increase Size?

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For getting a larger manhood people have tried many techniques apart from pills and extenders. We have already talked about penile surgeries in our earlier posts. But one natural technique is quite prevalent. It is called Jelqing. But the main question always has remained. Does Jelqing works? In this article we are going to tell you exactly about it.

But be aware jelqing is definitely a technique to increase penis size. This is natural and without any surgical tricks. Hence it can be tried in the privacy of one’s own home. The principle is quite simple. Penis is just another tissue in the body. Exercise increases the size of individual cells, which is called hypertrophy. Increase in number of cells is called hyperplasia.

If any tissue of the body is subjected to exercise it is going to respond by the way of either hypertrophy or hyperplasia. In either way it is going to increase the size. This is what happens when a body builder exercises or lifts weights. All the skeletal muscles in the body has the ability to undergo hypertrophy and hyperplasia.

Jelqing is a technique of stretching the 3 muscles in the penis. Penis is a cylindrical organ.  It has 2 corpora cavernosa muscles and one unpaired corpus spongiosum muscles.

Jelqing has its origin in the middle-east. The fact that it has been used since the 5th century B. C. is definitely a marker that the method has survived the test of time and that it is effective.

We will tell you exactly how to do jelqing at your home safely in our next post.  You can learn more tricks and tips about getting a bigger size from penis advantage.

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