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February 5, 2010

Jelqing To A Bigger Penis

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Earlier we talked about if Jelqing works or not? In this article we are going to walk you through, how to jelq at you home. But before that you should know that it is always advisable to do it under Penis Advantage program, which is a widely acclaimed program for increasing penis size naturally.

First of all find  a comfortable place to sit. Your toilet seat would do. It should be comfortable enough for you to have absolute privacy and will suit you also. To get most  out of it you should do as follows.

Sit to the edge of the toilet seat. Moist warm towel for warming up is a good idea. Wrap penis with a warm moist towel for 5 minutes. Get half erection. Up to this is preliminary of Jelqing. Never skip this part. Or you might hurt yourself.

Apply some baby oil to the shaft. Form an “O” with your index finger and your thumb and try milking it out. Start with one hand, from base to tip, then with other hand from base to shaft.

This particular exercise will create tiny tears in the penile tissue. These  invisible tears cannot be felt in any way. These are microscopic.  Your body will produce more tissue to recover the losses.  Which will make your penis  grow longer and thicker. Basically, this jelqing technique will allow for more blood to flow into the organ. In turn you will get a faster, bigger and longer lasting erection.

But as I have told you earlier Penis Advantage is the way to go for a really expert guidance in this field.

So Best of Luck and Try It.

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