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February 1, 2010

How to Stay Slim After 40

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In Health hunch we have always tried to bring out subjects for discussion that matters. Today’s topic of discussion is no different. It is about How to Stay Slim After 40. Simple as it might seem it has its own problems and advantages.

Many people when they approach this twilight zone of their life find themselves in an awkward position. Apart from financial and familial problems 40s brings a lot of health problems. Be it Diabetes or Atherosclerosis, all of them drastically decrease the quality of life in middle aged people.

This health problem is specifically very problematic for women. Who apart from the normal aging process, suffer a lot more than men.

The problem of women approaching can be many. But the increasing waist line is the one that draws most attention of the common people due to the obvious visibility. But this extra fat can lead to a lot of health problems. Hence one should try to get rid of the extra fat as soon as possible.

As we are aware that increase in age decreases one’s ability to do strenuous exercises drastically so it is prudent to find out alternative methods by which one can remain slim after 40.

One very simple strategy is keep moving. By that we mean you should remain active. Be it doing household chores or doing some gardening. But do it regularly. Lethargy will attract fat. So Keep some to get busy with.

The second strategy is to remain stress free. Because the fat along with stress is the real killer. So read some novel. Take part in social gatherings. Go out. meet and invite your neighbors. This is definitely going to help you.

Do some light weight lifting. Get a pair of dumbbell. Light weight, mind you. Do some repetitive cardio exercises. this is definitely going to help you if you can not go to outside for jogging.

And yes have some diet control. Diet has a lot to do with your health problems.

At the end we can only hope that this bit of information helps in remaining slim even after 40.

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