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January 31, 2010

Exercise During Pregnancy

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Hope you have enjoyed the funny waxing story that we had posted earlier. If not this is Funny Waxing Story.

Today we are going to discuss a very important topic.

Working out is good for everybody. It is very much advisable. I am yet to face any particular side effect of exercise or any contraindication of exercise.

So we can safely tell anybody to do some physical exercise. But the problem arises when some one is in a very special situation. The situation that we are talking are evident form my title of the post.

Hence it is quite natural for any expectant mother who is undergoing pregnancy to be apprehensive of the exercises that she is going to do during this time. Moderate amount of aerobic exercise can be helpful in dealing with the insomnia during pregnancy.

First and foremost it can be safely stated that physical activity in terms of aerobic exercise can definitely be done. Of course the strenuous heavy exercises  are to be discouraged due to the potential fetus-maternal risks.

Hence it can be summarized that the pregnant woman needs to do moderate amount of exercise that too aerobic ones during pregnancy. Physical activity is needed.

Of course pregnant women who are having medical contraindications should not do exercise.

One of the obstetrical contraindication of exercise is ante partum hemorrhage (APH) . In case of APH doctors advise to take complete bed rest. Even hospitalization is warranted.

Hence in summary, for the healthy growth of the baby and mother aerobic exercises under the guidance of qualified personnel brings about desired effect. But as with any other medical condition this can very well lead to catastrophic outcomes if sufficient care on the part of doctors and the pregnant lady herself has not been taken.

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